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College GOP groups condemn Charlottesville rally amid outcry over state leader’s attendance

Mon, 14 Aug 2017 15:15 | Yahoo News

College GOP groups condemn Charlottesville rally amid outcry over state leader’s attendanceLeaders of at least two universities and the national college Republicans organization are moving to denounce white supremacist views after a member of at least one campus GOP chapter appeared to attend at a violent rally in Charlottesville, Va., this past weekend.

Politicians, Celebrities Condemn Trump’s Charlottesville Remarks

Tue, 15 Aug 2017 11:38 | Yahoo View

Politicians, Celebrities Condemn Trump’s Charlottesville RemarksPoliticians and celebrities alike came out on social media to condemn Trump's remarks that “both sides” are to blame for the deadly violence at the Charlottesville, Virginia white nationalist rally.

Trump Aids Racists' Political Ambitions

Tue, 15 Aug 2017 13:59 | Yahoo View

Trump Aids Racists' Political AmbitionsRachel Maddow looks at the history of Ku Klux Klan in American politics and its quest for power and points out that it was no accident that Donald Trump helped give racists legitimacy with his remarks about the deadly rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Philippine police kill 32 in 'shock and awe' drug raids

Wed, 16 Aug 2017 04:18 | AFP

Philippine police kill 32 in 'shock and awe' drug raidsPhilippine police killed 32 people in "shock and awe" raids aimed at scaring drug traffickers, authorities said Wednesday, after President Rodrigo Duterte admitted to setbacks in his controversial crime war. In one of the deadliest operations of the war, police reported killing 32 people in a series of raids Monday on suspected drug traffickers across Bulacan province, which neighbours the capital of Manila. "We wanted to shock and awe these drug personalities," Romeo Caramat, the Bulacan police chief, told reporters in Manila on Wednesday, adding 109 suspects had also been arrested.

Mexico Raid Uncovers Thousands of Gallons of Tainted Alcohol

Mon, 14 Aug 2017 11:46 | Yahoo View

Mexico Raid Uncovers Thousands of Gallons of Tainted AlcoholAuthorities have seized 10,000 gallons of tainted alcohol after raiding more than 30 hotels and night clubs in popular tourist spots in Cancun and Playa Del Carmen.

Dizzying artwork video uses oil, paint, and soap to create otherworldly movement

Tue, 15 Aug 2017 16:07 | Yahoo News Photo Staff

Dizzying artwork video uses oil, paint, and soap to create otherworldly movementThese dizzying images use oil, soap and paint to create movements that feel otherworldly, and seem to psychedelically burst from their surroundings.

White Supremacist In Charlottesville Wearing 82nd Airborne Hat Gets Called Out... By 82nd Airborne

Tue, 15 Aug 2017 06:16 | HuffPost

White Supremacist In Charlottesville Wearing 82nd Airborne Hat Gets Called Out... By 82nd AirborneThe 82nd Airborne Division fought several campaigns against Nazi Germany during World War II.

US satellites spot North Korea moving missiles 'in preparation for possible launch'

Tue, 15 Aug 2017 10:15 | The Independent

US satellites spot North Korea moving missiles 'in preparation for possible launch'North Korea has moved missile equipment into position ahead of a possible launch, according to US defence officials. American satellites detected the transportation of launchers capable of firing intermediate-range ballistic missiles (IRBMs) amid tension over threats by Pyongyang. The movement is "not believed to be directly related to the threat issued by North Korea last week to strike the waters near Guam," a source told CNN.

Anti-Semitic Signs In Hotel Say Jewish Guests Must Shower Before Swimming

Mon, 14 Aug 2017 15:27 | International Business Times

Anti-Semitic Signs In Hotel Say Jewish Guests Must Shower Before Swimming"To our Jewish guests: Please take a shower before you go swimming."

Twitter Video Shows Protesters Topple Confederate Statue in Durham

Mon, 14 Aug 2017 21:09 | Inverse

Twitter Video Shows Protesters Topple Confederate Statue in DurhamProtestors were there to "smash white supremacy."

Thousands flee as Iraq steps up airstrikes on IS-held town

Tue, 15 Aug 2017 15:48 | Associated Press

Thousands flee as Iraq steps up airstrikes on IS-held townBADOUSH, Iraq (AP) — Thousands of Iraqis have fled an Islamic State-held town west of Mosul as Iraqi and coalition warplanes step up strikes ahead of a ground offensive to drive out the militants.

Hong Kong democrat arrested for 'misleading' police after abduction claims

Mon, 14 Aug 2017 22:51 | Reuters

Hong Kong democrat arrested for 'misleading' police after abduction claimsBy James Pomfret and Donny Kwok HONG KONG (Reuters) - Hong Kong police said on Tuesday they had arrested a prominent member of the opposition Democratic Party for "misleading police" after he claimed he had been assaulted and illegally detained by mainland Chinese agents in the city. Howard Lam was shown on local television being taken away by police in a van with handcuffs in the early hours of Monday morning. "We believe the information he gave is false," Cheng Lai-ki, a superintendent of police, told reporters.

Upcoming Total Eclipse Will Hit All of the U.S.

Mon, 14 Aug 2017 11:57 | Yahoo View

Upcoming Total Eclipse Will Hit All of the U.S.Next week's total eclipse, when the moon completely covers the sun, will be at least partially visible everywhere in the United States, but only last two minutes and 38 seconds.

Nigeria suicide bombers kill 28, wound 82

Tue, 15 Aug 2017 23:10 | AFP

Nigeria suicide bombers kill 28, wound 82Three women suicide bombers blew themselves up at the entrance to a camp for displaced people in northeast Nigeria on Tuesday, killing 28 people and wounding 82, local sources said. The attack -- the latest in a string of assaults in the troubled region -- took place in the town of Mandarari, 25 kilometres (15 miles) from Maiduguri, the capital of Borno state, said Baba Kura, a member of a vigilante force set up to fight jihadists. "Three female bombers triggered their explosive outside of the IDP (internally displaced persons) camp... killing 28 people and wounding 82 others," Kura said.

Today's Horoscope

Aries Horoscope for Wednesday, August 16, 2017

You`re just so gorgeous that it`s hard to stop looking at yourself. It`s no surprise that you spend so much time around mirrors and other reflective surfaces. Since you suspect that others are admiring you, too, it`s also hard to avoid putting on a show for them. This is about something more than aesthetic appreciation, though. People know your capabilities well, and they expect you to do something. Be sure that your inaction doesn`t switch the tone from delight to disappointment. Payment for services rendered is reasonable enough.
Life has been good so far, but now it`s getting better. The Stars move you into the fast lane, shifting your chances into a higher gear. Most of what you want comes to pass on its own, and the rest should be easy enough for you to make happen. All your finery is appropriate for the next few days, although you probably want to go out and buy yourself something special. If you play your cards right, circumstances might even hand it over for free. Satisfaction is deep and long lasting -- and the party is only just beginning.

When things don`t work, it`s not because your idea was bad or because your heart is impure. Sometimes you just run out of energy. Excitement is connected to new items and events, and you can`t stay excited forever. At least you`re around people who are willing to help you take up the slack. Maybe this is their job, or maybe you just caught them in a friendly mood. They`ll understand that by acting in your own interest, you`re really doing something for the group or project at large. You`re much more useful when you take good care of yourself.
Apply yourself to the task at hand. Make your boss or client proud of you. Even if this is a cakewalk for someone with your superior abilities, throw yourself into it. Giving your all for a reasonable project is a good way to distract yourself from problems that aren`t so easily solved. You can see the merit in an old-fashioned work ethic, even though some of the luckier or less seasoned moderns might sneer at it. Who needs their cynical words? Your self-image is improving dramatically, and that`s worth at least a hundred flavors of the month.

You prefer to look on the sunny side, but right now it seems to be raining over there. Improvement moves at its own pace, often invisibly slow to the untrained eye -- but don`t let your faith desert you. Others are struggling for change, and if you joined them, they`d appreciate your energy. There`s strength in numbers when it comes to matters of conscience. Those tampering with the natural order of things could use your simple, clear lesson about right and wrong. Don`t overdo the message itself: Just keep repeating its essence until everyone gets it.
Cut yourself a little more slack. You`re free to coast on your good reputation. Holding up evidence of your recent accomplishments would certainly help your case, too. After all you`ve done, it`s hard to believe that this is still just beginning. You`re ready for a minor miracle, and the Stars might just provide one. The thing you started takes on a life of its own, changing along unpredictable lines and improving on your original idea. Collaborators look at each other in amazement. Whatever you`re making here, it will be unlike anything else that came before it.

When instant gratification is mistaken for love, there could be trouble. Watch out for business decisions made from gut feelings instead of from the higher brain functions. When you speak with such passion, some people might hear it as a promise rather than a strong opinion. Even if reputations aren`t made or broken by the current episode, this is how rumors start. Valuable good will may be lost through a preventable misunderstanding. If you`re in charge of your own public relations, you can`t lay the blame on anyone else. Try to do better next time, but the effort begins here and now.
Early intervention is best. However, if events are already beyond your control, late participation works to your advantage. Keep one eye on the door to see who`s coming or going. You`re eager to see difficult people leave, although they`d probably stay just to spite you. On the other hand, the arrival of certain newcomers will make your day. This is the long-awaited rescue mission. They`ll work to bail you out, and of course you`ll supply whatever help they need. It would be even better if they relieved you of your duties. Permission to be elsewhere is the greatest gift of all.

You hoped to beat the clock, but the clock is winning. All your details and add-ons look less like brilliant innovations and more like dead weight. This is what you get for trying to reinvent the wheel. Shrug, smile and be a good sport about the whole thing. Let the winners enjoy their spoils for now. When it`s time for the next round, you`ll be back with a very different strategy. Meanwhile, take advantage of the fact that you`re no longer under pressure. You`re free to live life at your own pace. It`s been awhile since you felt this relaxed.
Remember those old saws about breaking eggs to make omelets and vacating the kitchen to avoid the heat? Change and pressure aren`t easy, but when you stay with the program, you`ll see the desired effect. Results feel like rewards when you sweated through every step of the procedure. Until today, theory rather than experience guided you. Now you hold the actual fruits of your labor, hefting their satisfying weight in your hand. Maybe you`d do it all again, but you`d do it differently. Life is interesting enough that you`re willing to try your share of experiments.

The world isn`t your oyster after all, despite the wonderful pearls it`s yielded recently. The free lunch draws to a close as you approach the boundaries of shared space. Hopefully this isn`t a surprise. When the bill is presented, smile bravely and pay your part. Even when it`s broken down to dollars and cents, you have to admit that the experience was worth it. And if you do have complaints or regrets, contain them until you`re alone with trustworthy ears. Whispers of rudeness or ingratitude might come back to haunt you, even though you never meant to express such a sentiment.
You have the best defense mechanism against disappointment. You convince yourself not to expect anything. But when everything is working out, can you accept and enjoy it? Let your natural appreciation of genius and technique swim back to the surface. When others praise you, accept it as your due instead of brushing it aside like so many empty words. You`re part of all that goes on here, entitling you to certain privileges and benefits. For the next few days, the Universe conspires to treat you right. And yes, when you think about this, you could actually get used to it.