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California law enforcement intercepted a second plane in Sacramento carrying relocated migrants, as DeSantis remains mum about his involvement

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Today's Horoscope

Taurus Horoscope for Monday, June 05, 2023

What you`re seeking isn`t as far away as you think it is. Happiness is abundant for those who know where to find it. It`s a time for new beginnings: It`s time to make fresh connections or rediscover friends and lovers. Take the initiative -- don`t be afraid to take the first step toward something that you really want. Break out something special that you`ve saved for a moment like this.
This puzzle isn`t as hard to crack as you had originally thought. The missing pieces line up in an orderly fashion, waiting for you to notice their new logic. If you detect early in the day that you aren`t operating at full power, do whatever is necessary to increase your body`s energy level. Once you get your strength back up, your mood is sure to improve dramatically. Stay on course with big plans for this evening.

It`s no fun when you`re involved when others bicker. Be compassionate and constructive. And if that`s not an option, remember that old chestnut, `If you can`t say anything nice, don`t say anything at all.` Everything converges to remind you that Gemini, out of all the Signs, knows about working with someone side-by-side. If you can`t do it as a team, maybe it isn`t even worth doing. Consult the group`s leader before going any further.
You`ve set aside spontaneity in favor of a more mature way of thinking. Now that things are changing, you like to plan all your events. When it comes to hatching secrets, you want to be the one sitting on the nest. Leave no stone unturned when trying to find out the answer to those probing questions. Surprises from a friend or lover later tonight don`t need any qualifications if you know they come from the heart.

You`ve worked hard for what you have, and you aren`t about to give it all away. Freeloaders and moochers will have to seek their lunch elsewhere. Luckily for your clients and coworkers, your intense work ethic is tempered by a sense of fair play. With big changes happening, you`re in an especially ethical frame of mind. Before you announce a verdict, make sure that the jurors have reached a unanimous decision.
Don`t pinch yourself -- yes, all of this is really happening. You seem to have landed smack-dab in the middle of a near-perfect existence. Everything looks great: You`re happy, centered and completely with the program. Let somebody else handle the exceptions and special cases. You`re not selfish, but you have worked hard to make this moment a reality. You at least deserve the right to enjoy your success any way you choose, right?

Lately, the glass may look half empty. Conditions may not be ideal right now, but you have to admit that they could be much worse. No matter what your gender, female energy is ascendant for the next few days. Be pragmatic, yielding and intuitive in all matters concerning your career. Keep in mind that sometimes you have to give a little in order to gain a lot. Compromise seems to be the buzzword on the tips of everyone`s tongues.
You have so much going for you right now, so enjoy it. Lady Luck has chosen to smile upon you, and it would be rude not to smile right back. Look at it this way -- at least now you can afford to be generous. Fortune floods your coffers with plenty of what you deserve. Unburdened by troublesome material concerns, you can move quickly and decisively. For now, good luck feels like a matter of course.

Is your desk buried under a pile of paper? You`d do so much better if only everyone would stop giving you more material. Get organized early in the day, or you may feel like you`re losing your way. Once you put everything in its place, you`ll be amazed at the resulting clarity. You may not see it this way, but all that extra responsibility is actually a compliment: Your associates think highly of you. Don`t worry -- this deluge has got to end sooner or later.
Now that everything is coming to a close, you`re almost sorry to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Getting the results is fine, but achieving them will mean that you`ve reached the end of an enjoyable process. This is a good time to consider merging your passion with your career. Your future is rich with possibilities -- don`t be afraid to cash in on past successes so that you can start something that really lights your fire.

Take some time out and get to know a new acquaintance, culture or start a new course. Get intellectual and explore the world -- you`ll find it rewarding. Figuring out what makes other people tick gives you unexpected insight about your own situations. You are very open to new information and ideas, so let your curiosity be your guide. By taking in many new things, you may discover how much you have to give.
Pisceans understand the nature of secrets, even when they`re difficult and inconvenient. If someone shares something with you, don`t worry about giving advice -- just listen. Be careful about your newfound knowledge -- in this case, discretion is definitely the better part of valor. Keeping the faith will put someone important in your debt. Your integrity will open the door to more confessions -- if you want them, that is.